Like our service, our sheds meet all requirements of the modern transport dynamics, current standards and regulations. As a result, our sheds comply with CPR 15 and PGS 15 storage guidelines. Karl Rapp Rotterdam possesses a broad environmental permit, which allows us to store any dangerous and/or environment-critical substances.

Moreover, all our sheds are provided with:


  • Sprinkler systems, with AFFF if necessary
  • Wet and dry sprinkler
  • Automatic reporting to the fire brigade
  • Firefighting water retention for contaminated firefighting water
  • A pump chamber with three large diesel engines
  • Impermeable floors
  • Enclosed grounds, with security by external security service


Furthermore, our sheds allow us to treat many types of goods. For example, the sheds are equipped with several small and large compartments and bunkers. As a result, we are able to optimally treat sensitive or odor-sensitive products and products with special treatment methods or requirements.