At Karl Rapp we will do anything to ensure the safety of humans, animals and the environment. Karl Rapp is a DoMAH (Directive on Major Accident Hazards) company and therefore complies with all important governmental demands.


Karl Rapp falls within the highest risk category (i.e. highest threshold) and has a complete safety control system, for which a safety report is submitted to the government. Finally, we have an up-to-date RIE (Risk Assessment and Evaluation) and we comply with various other legislations and requirements, such as:


  • PGS 15/CPR 15
  • Health & Safety regulations
  • EGEC directives


Striving towards service and quality is paramount to our activities. As a result, we were awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certificate from Bureau Veritas in 2008. In addition to our ISO certification, Karl Rapp meets the various quality requirements arising from our SKAL and NOP Certificates. We were certified by customs with the AEO status (Authorized Economic Operator).