Dedicated Logistics
Karl Rapp

"through the years Karl Rapp developed a made to measure service for us"

Value added services
Karl Rapp

"Due to their long history in our trade, Karl Rapp is able to arrange all what is needed for our trade"

Dedicated Logistics
Karl Rapp

"Karl Rapp offered a dedicated solution for bulk transport"

Chemical warehousing
Karl Rapp

"the expertise in dangerous goods makes that Karl Rapp is prepared to handle our chemicals safely"

Chemical warehousing
Karl Rapp

"the expertise in dangerous goods makes that Karl Rapp is prepared to handle our chemicals safely"

Karl Rapp Rotterdam

When it comes to logistics and transport, having the right balance is crucial. Not just between manufacturer and buyer, but also between speed and quality. Even between administrative procedures and time saving. Within these areas of tension, the value of having a partner who doesn’t only understand your challenges, but also takes them off your hands, has been proven time and again..

Karl Rapp has been your reliable partner for logistics services for more than 60 years. With our complete service package and equal amount of personal and direct contact with clients, we create suitable logistics solutions. Whether your issues concern the treatment of environmentally dangerous or regular merchandise, European distribution or worldwide shipment (by sea or air), we always ensure a high level of cost control, efficiency and service. This way, Karl Rapp allows its clients to focus on their core business. 

With kind regards, 

Th. Corthaus

Logistical solutions Logistieke oplossingen

Our logistic solutions are combinations of storage and transhipment, European distribution, Container shipping and airfreight. 

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StorageIn order to take tasks completely off someone’s hands you have to start by offering a complete service package    

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Customs formalities and VAT DouaneKarl Rapp is committed to a smooth running of the procedures. Therefore, we take care of all customs and VAT formalities. Not only through an electronic link with Dutch customs 

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Safety and quality VeiligheidKarl Rapp has extensive knowledge and permits at its disposal that allows the company to store any dangerous and environmental-critical 

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Specialized inGrondstoffen

Karl Rapp is an expert in the storage and distribution of chemicals and general merchandise for industrial purposes. We have years of experience in the treatment of:

  • Chemicals
  • Essential oils
  • Aroma chemicals
  • General merchandise
  • Organic products

Thanks to years of experience in various market segments, the company has the right knowledge and relevant networks at its disposal to offer a complete package of logistics services.

Our services allow our clients to focus on their own core business.

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